Administration Process

Our experience as Upper Midwest construction managers has allowed us to build a process that includes:

Project organization

Your Project Manager, Project Superintendent and other applicable associates participate in meetings from start to finish, from design to close-out, as needed. As your project progresses, we select and require subcontractors to also attend meetings.

Project teamwork

We build teams that build great projects. We ensure positive working relationships between all team members to meet budgets, quality and schedules. We include designers' and their input on the team.

Design meetings

From the start, CCI works with architects and other project team members to review all project aspects, including design documents. Together, we identify issues or clarifications related to design or subcontract work. Our experience proves this approach curtails pricing issues and enhances constructability.

Preconstruction meetings

Prior to construction start, CCI meets with Project Managers and subcontractors to establish coordination. This is perhaps the most important on-site meeting.

On-site management meetings

As physical construction begins, our Superintendent and Project Manager conduct meetings to ensure we're meeting schedules and quality control. The Superintendent watches over all subcontractors at all times.

Managing information

CCI manages electronic and hard copies of RFI, submittals, change orders, meeting minutes, shop drawings and approvals, team communications, schedules and contact information. All information is readily, promptly available to all team members via e-mail or hard copies.

Construction administration

CCI employs a full-time Superintendent and a combination of office-based Project Managers throughout construction. CCI administers a series of meetings during all phases of bidding and building.