Quality Control Process

Good. Affordable. On-time. We believe you can have all three, and our intense North Dakota construction and especially government agencies construction management experiences prove it. Our quality control processes include:

Quality control plan

In most projects, CCI is ultimately responsible for quality control. We like it this way. We develop and maintain a quality control plan to:

  • Ensure compliance with the specifications and drawings
  • Conduct sufficient inspections and tests of all items of work, including subcontractor work
  • Ensure conformance to applicable specifications and drawings with respect to the quality of materials, workmanship, construction, finish and functional performance

CCI's Quality Control Representative and Superintendent enforce the plan.

The Superintendent/QC Inspector has strong knowledge of buildings codes, ADA requirements, reading of blue prints, specifications and submittals, mechanical systems, electrical systems, required testing procedures of different phases of work and environmental issues.

Daily QC reports

The Superintendent prepares, signs and submits a construction quality control daily report. It lists the work performed, notes inspections for any deficiencies and, if necessary, plan of corrective action. The Superintendent has the right to stop work on any phase of the project if it is not quality workmanship. CCI also contacts the appropriate personnel to perform the required tests for all phases and includes results in the daily report.

Safety program

Our bottom line is the safety of every single person who ever visits our sites. CCI educates the workforce about safety programs (OSHA compliant) and enforces every detail, including continuous safety inspections on the jobsite. We report any safety violations and take corrective action.