Our Team

Lisa Anderson


As the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for Community Contractors Inc., Lisa brings a strategic and results-driven approach to financial leadership. With a proven track record in financial management, she excels in optimizing financial performance and driving sustainable growth. Lisa is a member of the AICPA, CFMA, ND Society of CPA’s and MN Society of CPA’s. She holds an active CPA license in both North Dakota and Minnesota.

Lisa’s expertise lies in developing and executing financial strategies that align with organizational goals, ensuring fiscal responsibility, and maximizing owner and management value.

Over 27 years of experience, Lisa has successfully overseen budgeting, forecasting, and financial planning, contributing to the financial health and agility of the company. Her leadership extends to managing financial risk, compliance, and implementing robust internal controls.

As a forward-thinking CFO, she is committed to staying at the forefront of financial and technological trends, ensuring Community Contractors Inc. remains agile and competitive in the ever-evolving industry. Lisa is excited to be part of a team that drives innovation, fosters financial sustainability, and propels Community to new heights of success.

Lisa is from a small town in Southwestern Minnesota and was raised on a farm about five miles out of town. She has three sisters. She’s been married for 27 years and has three children: Parker, Jadyn, and Brady. In her spare time she likes to read, workout, and spend time at the lake in the summer. Winters consist of following her youngest around with hockey.